Squirrel - A Fabulous Rodent! (Löwenzahn)

As red as Thor's beard!

Kaiserbrand contributed two animated explainer sequences for the Löwenzahn episode “Squirrels - The Enchanted Nuts”. In the animation “A Fabulous Rodent!”, we get to the bottom of the myths and legends that revolve around squirrels: What do they have in common with Thor, god of thunder, or why was it previously demoned by the church? And did a swashbuckling squirrel actually mess around with eagles and dragons?

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to upload the videos we animated for the Löwenzahn episodes to YouTube. So we converted a few small scenes as GIFs so you can get a tiny glimpse of our animation.

Project URL:

Designs & Layouts

And this is what the designs and layouts look like at Kaiserbrand. To save time, they are still a bit rough, but you can get a good idea of how the final style of the animation will look like. These are sent to the client for approval. Or for changes to be made. Or even more changes 😆

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