False Alarm (Allergies) – Löwenzahn Explainer

A ... Aaa ... Atchoo!

“Fritz recently started having an allergy: Whenever he gets too close to Keks (his dog), he has to sneeze terribly! Does he have to part with his best companion now? Rather not! Because there are a lot of allergens out there right now ... "

... and our explanatory film for the Löwenzahn episode “Allergy - Friendship in Need” sheds light on the darkness and shows in a humorous way, how our immune system works, where allergies come from, and what triggers there are.

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to upload the videos we animated for the Löwenzahn episodes to YouTube. So we converted a few small scenes as GIFs so you can get a tiny glimpse of our animation.

Project URL:

Work in Progress

And this is what the character designs looked like. In the meantime, it has almost become a running gag that the first nose version does not survive the criticism of the ZDF editorial team. Nevertheless, Wolfgang tries again and again to smuggle in his distinctive bugles 👃 🤣

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