Dancing makes you happy! – Löwenzahn Explainer

Dancing – the right twist!

This animation for the Löwenzahn episode “Dancing - The Right Twist” highlights the reasons why you feel good and stay healthy when you dance a lot.

Our animation is the classic Romeo & Juliet story, but on split screen: On one side a young, grumpy girl with a dull office job, where everything just goes wrong - and on the other side a young, dynamic dude who manages everything with ease after leaving his dance studio. Fortunately, the two of them meet in the end and have a great party !!

🥳 🥳 🥳 🥳

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to upload the videos we animated for the Löwenzahn episodes to YouTube. So we converted a few small scenes as GIFs so you can get a tiny glimpse of our animation.

Project URL:

Work in Progress

Here you can see the character designs and the first layouts of the backgrounds. To underline the different moods of the characters on the split screen, we kept one world in cold blue tones, the other in warm earth tones.

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