International Women’s Day - we should all be feminists by now!

Now let's be honest folks! It's 2021 and women are still de facto disadvantaged in so many areas. Gender Pay Gap? We despise companies that don't pay the same wages for the same work. Sexism in media or at the workplace? Shame on you! 🤮

At the moment, Kaiserbrand is a pure men’s business again, but we've had a female CEOfor the past 10 years. A single mother of three children. Yes, things like that are possible!

We would never dream of paying an animator or illustrator less money just because she is a woman. The only thing that counts for us is talent. The best proof of this are some of our flagship projects, for which we have especially hired female colleagues because they are much better than us at a certain animation style.

At Kaiserbrand, only talent counts!

For instance, we've hired our Danish friend Mette Ilene Holmriis to design and animate the Löwenzahn explainer video “Inventions”. In this animation we've also introduced more gender equality by suggesting not to use the stereotypical primitive caveman, but a cavewoman who fights a saber-toothed tiger and tames the flame!

By the way, my two favorite artists that influence my style the most right now, are also girls: the incredibly talented Beatrice Blue and the master of bright colors Ragon Dickard aka Ragonia.

And we salute animation studios like monströös! When we met by chance last year, we were immediately on the same wavelength and established a breakfast get-together (irregular due to the pandemic). 6 girls and one guy - that's a decent quota for women. HELL YEAH! 👏👏👏👏

As a feminist, you learn something new every day

Personally, I consider myself a feminist. This "way of life" began with the good upbringing by my parents, but has become much more distinct in recent years after I've met my wife. She finds every little bias or inappropriate phrase unerringly, points it out to me and I try to improve myself. It is sometimes really amazing how deep these old gender roles are stuck in the subconscious. I've even learned to swear gender neutral - which is very difficult in German 🤣

My biggest “sacrifice” so far under the sign of equality has been to give up my last name at our wedding. Even in the otherwise so open Berlin, I was asked several times by the registrar whether I would really want to do that...

PS: And real men pee sitting down - just like women!

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